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If you are a watch collector and own two or more watches, watch boxes can provide a beautiful way to display and protect your watches. In this article we will discuss what to consider when selecting a watch storage box, to help you make an informed choice.

Watch storage boxes are also known as watch storage cases. A watch box will protect your watches against inadvertent banging around in a dresser door, and it will help to maintain a better temperature.

Watch boxes come with different storage capacities, and several of the most popular models can hold up to 20 watches. At a lower price point, TimelyBuys makes a very nice 12-piece ebony wood watch display case (see it here), while other watch boxes can hold 20 or more watches (as can be seen here).

Common materials include aluminum, wood, and plastic. Aluminum gives more of an industrial look, while wood adds warmth. You may also want to consider whether you’d like a lock with your watch box. Most locks are simple, but it is also possible to purchase a safe-like storage box.

It is important to be selective about what type of watch pillows are offered inside the box. If the pillows don’t offer proper support, it will be difficult or impossible to display your watches in an attractive way, as they will be tilting to the side, etc. Larger watches will be especially difficult to prop up, and with cheaper watch pillows you may also have issues with the box not being able to close all the way on bigger watches. Pillows with higher-end watch boxes may even be adjustable, giving you much greater flexibility in what types of watches you are displaying. In general, felt-covered pillows are preferable over vinyl-covered pillows.

Check what type of material is used for the separators within the box. Cheaper boxes may use covered cardboard, which obviously will not hold up as well as quality wood separators.

If the box has drawers, another consideration to take into account is what happens when the box is tilted? If the drawers fall right out, that could be a problem with potential damage to your watches.

Watch Winder
A watch winder is a specialized type of box that provides rotation for the watches, keeping them wound and ready to go. The speed and direction of rotation can be adjusted on better-quality units. Models with quiet operation are desirable, and look for higher-end models that use smart timing—rather than constant operation, these watch winders will use cycles of operation (with periods of on and off) and multi-directional rotations.


Many watch storage boxes are beautiful pieces of furniture, so you should be able to find one that provides just the right combination of function and beauty.

We hope that you have found this article to be informative. For more information about watch storage boxes, and to see a great selection with the best prices, visit us at We love to answer your questions about watch storage boxes!

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